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Romantically joining and partially removing sexual organs from each other until ejaculation occurs
I'm thinking about making love to Sally but she didn't cut the umbilical cord and she has a toddler hanging out of her snatch.
by Jim the wanker December 26, 2009
26 89
a fictional event that only happens when a woman is on the rag and complains about how all the sexual action that happens in the relationship is fucking.
Susan-"Billy, all we do is fuck! I want to make love for once! Why cant you do that every once in a while?"
Billy-"Uhhhh i thought when we did it doggy we were making love"
by RoflicerOfTheLawl January 13, 2008
15 80
What a man thinks a woman is doing when he is fucking her but really is faking.
Tiffany: "I'm getting so sick of having to fake it with jimmy, he thinks I'm making love to him while he's just getting a nut. He really believes he's blowing my mind. What men don't know."

Amy: "Oh, I know girl. You make a few moans and they think they got ya!"
by Nikki B May 07, 2006
64 143
What women do while men are fucking them.
making love is so fun
by nuttyass June 05, 2007
41 121
a clever phrase used by a very slick man in order to dupe some gullible bitch to get her in the sack,
hey pretty lady, i like making love, want to see my backseat.
by nbrowwwwws August 17, 2007
12 95
Something my girlfriend does when i am fucking her.
In her eyes, we were making love, in my eyes, i was simply fucking the shit out of her.
by Vinne Chin October 02, 2007
28 133
What a woman does while a man fucks her.
I was too busy fucking that chick to notice if she was making love or not.
by jbg July 15, 2005
74 201