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Just read definition #1. Does it sound like it was posted/written by someone without an axe to grind? The Cafe board on Makeupalley (MUA) is the place where there are no "off topic" posts.

Of course, if some trolls (See: Beautybash) can't cause trouble there, they run back to beautybash and try to justify their existence by posting idiotic things to try to make their small, dark souls feel somehow better.
Everyone who's not out to cause trouble is welcome in the Makeupalley Cafe.
by nimble November 08, 2006
60 902
The board on makeupalley on which the women love to make up excessively stupid and FAKE stories for attention. they make-up that they have diseases, that they're SO finds a tooth in food, that they found a super expensive purse for $600 dollars cheaper (yet can't tell you where), that they found a magic diet, that they're ALL a size 00 and have curves (lmao), that they're cat did something superrrrrr cool, that they're SO's are ALL supposedly good in bed, that they were never supported by their parents (and that it's bad to be), that they all have new cars (HAHAHA), that they NEVER tried drugs when young, or whatever other stupid things they can make up for attention.
"Omg, omg, guess what makeupalley cafe my cat just did a sommer-sault and then a new gold bracelet came out of my SO's poop!!! OMG!"
by Ihatedrama July 28, 2006
79 107