Toxic substances that many women apply to their faces in order to appear more beautiful.
Toxins used in makeup have been found in cancer growths.

Maybe if I hadn't worn makeup every day for the past thirty years I wouldn't have such bad skin.

I should put on my makeup before I leave my house.
by Kat_ March 24, 2006
Common part of the incantations used by the characters of Sailor Moon to perform their "henshin" (transformation).
"Venus Cristal Power, Make Up!"

"Crisis, Make Up!"
by Bithy-suá June 12, 2004
A completely disgusting substance that some girls feel the need to rub all over their face, usually made out of fish scales, whale blubber, rabbit poop, and the parts of pigs they can not feed you ( even in hotdogs).
Hey you know whay that makeup on your face is made out of?
by Rin K. October 26, 2007
what girls need to put on to be pretty.
guy 1: that girl DEF needs some make-up
guy 2: but THAT girl is wearing WAY too much! ahhhh!!!
by gangstagangsta1 October 12, 2006
something ugly girls wear to look half way decent. they look ok with all that shit smothered over their faces, but once it's washed off, their faces hurt your eyes
I am naturally beautiful and therefor do not need to wear makeup.
by SexyLexie March 02, 2007
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