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A girl who will makeout with several (2, 3, 7, 8 trillion...) guys in a night, even in the matter of an hour, but refuses to go to even second base with you/anyone. We all know/have met a girl like this, and it can be very irritating. (May also be referred to as a "makeout slut")
Guy #1: Dude, that girl is such a makeout whore.
Guy #2: Yea bro, last weekend I saw her makeout with six different guys in one night, and I have been trying to get in her pants for two months and she won't go for it!
Guy #1: I feel for you man, she has never even done anything besides makeout with a guy.
Guy #2: What a fucking makeout slut.
by I hate makeout whores April 23, 2006
a girl that makes out with numerous guys, sober or intoxicated, but has no intentions of making a relationship out of it. she does this for pure pleasure and the enjoyment of the moment.
guy: "so, do you want to maybe catch a movie with me later this week?"

girl: "i don't know..."

guy: "but, we totally hit it off at that party last night! i thought you were into me?"

girl: "don't take it personally, but i'm just a makeout whore."
by girl7 November 09, 2006
to make-out with anyone and everyone that a sertain someone can.
She is a make-out whore because she made-out with me and then made-out with my best freind...i didn't even know her.
by Christina Wagner May 06, 2006
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