An awesome and loyal friend who loves cows and villains from batman. Hillarious! Great person to be friends with. Not someone to mess with. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Nickname: Mac, Macintyre.
Wow, your so Makenzie!
#makenzie #cows #moo #harley #quinn
by PawsUp December 23, 2011
One of the sweetest, nicest caring girls you will ever meet. Hates getting in fights and has a very complicated mind. Usually has some of the darkest secrets and loves to make people happy
Jeb: I really like Makenzie
Matt: No, I LOVE Makenzie!
Makenzie: Ugh I swear you guys are crazy there's nothing to love about me!!
Samantha: Oh just shut up, Makenzie!! Go out with one of them already!!!!!!!
#mackenzie #mckenzie #mickenzie #sweety #loved
by Katty J October 17, 2013
Someone who can ball. Ball is lyfe to her and nothing else. She's the white Kobe that tears up the courts with all the guys looking onto her in awe. The definition of ball is literally Kenz.
Guy 1: Woah that Makenzie girl really can't play basketball

Guy 2: Who cares the whole school knows she balls. Like #bball4lyfe #kenzisball
#makenzie #basketball #ball #kenz #kenzie
by thepilgrim January 13, 2014
Very loud, outgoing person. Thinks about others, than herself. She's so amazing. She's gorgeous beyond explanation. If you've ever met a "Makenzie" than, you should never take advantage, never mess with her,and NEVER use her. She's very athletic and probably one of the fastest people you know. She is the definition of perfect girlfriend! Every one says she has a perfect butt.So if you don't know a "Makenzie" you need to meet one!
She likes boys who like her for her and not for her looks. She usually likes athletes or or people that are outgoing like Her.but you have to be serious sometimes.
She normally has light brown hair, with beautiful blue/grey eyes. Normally, has a heart shaped face, baby doll eyes (blue and really long eyelashes), beautiful eyes, and cares about anyone, and everyone. Don't, take advantage of her. She's one of a kind.(With a perfect booty!)
I'm so jealous of that girl ! Is she a Makenzie or something?
#booty #kenzie #makenzy #gorgeous #outgoing #fast #perfect
by Purple penguin 123 April 11, 2015
Makenzie is a beautiful smart girl who is shy at first but once you get to know her she will be a very loving and caring person. If you are ever dating a makenzie you are a very very lucky person. Makenzie's normally have blue eyes and light blond hair. If you are Makenzie's boyfriend you should never let her go, and if you do you will regret it forever.
Makenzie is Gorgeous
#stunning #loving #sexy #shy #smart #caring
by This is random May 14, 2015
Makenzie's are so awesome,funny,athletic,sweet,kindhearted and you will always laugh whenever your around a makenzie.Makenzies and the most coolest people in the whole world you have to know a makenzie now.
"Omg makenzie is so cool!!!''
#awesome #cool #sweet #kind #athletic #funny
by Maka-parka July 04, 2015
She is typically a large snob who thinks she is above every body else. She is one of the most popular people you will ever meet. You can see her on the runway and all over the internet.
Wow, look at her. She is so snotty and popular. She must be a Makenzie.
#runway #typically #popular #snob #and internet
by JOjo December 18, 2014
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