An awesome and loyal friend who loves cows and villains from batman. Hillarious! Great person to be friends with. Not someone to mess with. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Nickname: Mac, Macintyre.
Wow, your so Makenzie!
by PawsUp December 23, 2011
One of the sweetest, nicest caring girls you will ever meet. Hates getting in fights and has a very complicated mind. Usually has some of the darkest secrets and loves to make people happy
Jeb: I really like Makenzie
Matt: No, I LOVE Makenzie!
Makenzie: Ugh I swear you guys are crazy there's nothing to love about me!!
Samantha: Oh just shut up, Makenzie!! Go out with one of them already!!!!!!!
by Katty J October 17, 2013
Someone who can ball. Ball is lyfe to her and nothing else. She's the white Kobe that tears up the courts with all the guys looking onto her in awe. The definition of ball is literally Kenz.
Guy 1: Woah that Makenzie girl really can't play basketball

Guy 2: Who cares the whole school knows she balls. Like #bball4lyfe #kenzisball
by thepilgrim January 13, 2014
a back stabber who will do any thing for attention. She secretly hates you and shes crushing on your boyfriend. She'll try and steal him from you. She's just a slut who will take anything she can get.
Damn, Makenzie is such a slut.
by blahsomeonewhodoesntcareblah February 19, 2011
A loose twot, and a smelly one at that.

A back stabbing bitch who never has enough attention.

dood your such a fucking makenzie.
by mr. whorley March 28, 2007

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