A loving pretty country girl that loves everyone and wants to be with the guy that she has right now and never wants to let him go she also is a georgous person on the inside and out So you need to get to know a Makenzie!
I need a Makenzie
by shut up and run April 09, 2009
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makenzies are sooooooooooo cool. if you dont know a makenzie, you have to get to know one, and if you do but you arent friends with her, youre just a fat hoe! she will love the man she loves now and will never let him go. you must be the luckiest person alive if you are dating a makenzie. she is the most loyal friend and she is super pretty, smart, attractive, cool, popular, cute, loving, and wonderful person alive. everyone loves a makenzie!
makenzie: hi. i was wondering if anyone wanmted to hang out with me today.
everyone: *surrounds her* of course! i will! me! *stays with her*
by irokthewurld! January 19, 2010
Outgoing, Nice, A good person, Smart, Athletic, Friend maker, Peace offerer, Calm, and Quiet.
a person, a name. (Makenzie)
by xxSoCcErChIcKiE13xxD April 09, 2010
A beautiful girl that seems to be the life of the party. When your feeling down she knows what to say. She loves cows and will make random noises. When your with her you will catch your self laughing or smiling every second. Shes amazing. And she will be loyal to you. Either bestfriend or boyfriend.
Dude, i met this amazing girl shes just like a makenzie.
by meeeaaaaaayggggaaaaaannnnn June 21, 2010
This is a girl who is loved by all, she is georgous, has great hair, skin, her smile is contagious and she has the most amazing eyes you will ever see. Boys flock to her, girls love spending time with her, she is genuinly nice to everyone (unless you piss her off). When your with her, you know youll have a good time. She has that one special person in life weather it is a bff or boyfriend that she will never let go. Makenzie is a great girl for having around because she knows exactly what to say and when to say it. If you dont know a Makenize...get to know one.
by thisishowitisduhhhh October 19, 2011
Makenzie is a girl who will make you laugh, light you up inside and out, make you as happy as you ever will be. She is also extremely beautiful, pretty, cute, and her eyes are even better. She is really fun to talk to, and if you ever meet a Makenzie, don't ever let her go.
"That rose reminds me of Makenzie"
by TOUSMC September 25, 2011
Very loving, caring person. Thinks about others, than herself. She's so amazing. I love her to death. She's gorgeous beyond explanation. If you've ever met a "Makenzie" than, you should never take advantage, never be bitchy to her, and I wouldn't piss her off.

She normally has light brown hair, with baby blue/grey eyes. Normally, has a heart shaped face, baby doll eyes (blue and really long eyelashes), beautiful eyes, and cares about anyone, and everyone. Don't, take advantage of her. She's one of a kind.
"Wow, she's beautiful. What's her name?!"
"That doesn't shock me!(:"
by KennieLauren,12 November 22, 2011

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