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When someone has passionate sex with another person.
He got back from his business trip and walked in the front door. He dropped his bags and took off his coat, tossing it on top of his other things. He yelled out, "I'm home!" to his girlfriend. She came jogging down the stairs and flew into his arms. She stopped hugging him and kissed him, welcoming him home.

"Well I see someone's glad to see me," he said, putting some hair back behind her ear that had just fallen from there.

"You have no idea," she whispered, just as she started to kiss him again. She had her arms around his neck and he had his hands on her hips as they kissed. Their kissing was very slow and sensual, but before either one knew it, they were moving towards the living room couch.

He laid her down on the couch, never breaking their kiss. He was supporting himself so that his body was just above hers.

"I'm gonna make love to you right here and now," he whispered in her ear.

He slowly used one hand to go up underneath her top and slowly stroked her soft skin. He started gently kissing her neck, which he knew was her favorite erogenous zone.

She started breathing heavier, and he noticed this and started to gently lick and suck on her neck, still moving very slowly. She closed her eyes and took in the pleasure of how good he was at turning her on. She reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off of him, exposing his muscular body. He started slowly kissing her lips again.

He was still stroking her skin under her shirt, but he stopped doing that and started to unbutton her top. While still kissing her, he went very slowly, starting at the top button, near her boobs, and one by one working his way down to the last button. He opened her top to reveal a stunning red lace bra with two very nice boobs underneath it.

She got out from underneath him and he flipped over so she was stradling him and kissing him. She took her top off all the way and let her hands run up and down his chest as she continued to kiss him. He had his hands on her hips and he stroked her up and down her sides. Everything they did seemed to be in slow motion; kissing, caressing; every movement was slow and gentle.

He unzipped her jeans and pulled them down for her, making sure to caress her perfect ass along the way. She kicked them off the rest of the way and stradled him again. He rolled her over again, because he wanted to be on top and in control. He stopped kissing her and looked straight into her eyes. She stared back, and in that moment, they both knew what would happen next.

She undid his jeans, and he shook them off. He kissed her on the neck again, making her lean her head back and gasp a little. She was breathing deeply, and her breasts were rising and falling rapidly along with each intake of air. He put his hands around her back and unsnapped her bra. He tossed it aside and started to massage both large boobs in his hands.

She let out a small moan as he did this, and he felt his erection building up in his boxers. He slowly began to kiss and suck gently on each nipple, making her start to breathe even faster than before. He stopped suddenly, and reached down to remove her panties.

He tossed them aside, too, and he kissed her once more on the lips. As he kissed her, he took off his boxers and was fully erect. Before she could look at his 10-inch-long penis, he entered her moist vagina and slowly pushed all the way in. She moaned quite loudly when he did this, mostly because he was so big. He slowly pulled out about 3/4 of the way, and then he slowly pushed all the way back in.

He felt his cock hit the back wall of her warm, wet pussy. He pulled out again, very slowly. She wanted to beg him to go faster, but before she could say anything he was pushing into her again, and he started kissing her again.

He used two fingers to gently and slowly stroke her clit, and she started moaning, but nothing came out because he kept kissing her. He continued to move his giant dick in and out of her cunt, very slowly. He swallowed all of her moans of pleasure into his kisses.

He stopped kissing her and she gasped for air. She was engulfed in pleasure, and she couldn't think straight. She got her thoughts in order long enough to whisper into his ear, "Faster, baby, ooohhhhhhhhh."

He smiled at how powerless he could make her, and started to pump in and out at a much faster speed. She knew she was on the brink of orgasm, and it felt amazing.

She started saying, "Yes! Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh gimme more! Aaahh! Yes, yes! Ooooohhhh! Oh yes, Jake, yes! Faster! Ooohh, aaaahhhh! Oh, do it harder, baby, OOOHHHH!" He complied with her requests, and started pounding faster. He started rubbbing around her clit even more.

He somehow hit her clit with his finger at the exact same time as he hit her g-spot with his rock-hard dick, and she exploded into orgasm. He stopped pumping into her, and let her vagina pulse around his penis and it felt so good.

Her orgasm ended and he bagan to pump again. This time he lifted one leg onto his shoulder and this let his cock go even deeper into her pussy. The tension built up inside both of them, and they both orgasmed at the exact same time. He groaned with the pleasure, and she let out a high pitched scream as she came.

He pulled out of her, and kissed her gently. They fell asleep on the couch after their love-making session and it was amazing.
by your mommy's boyfriend 1234 March 07, 2008
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Sex with emotional significance. Often characterized by tenderness, caressing, etc. Sex as ultimate physical manifestation of romantic love. The opposite of fucking. Often used in romance novels for dramatic effect.
We made love, and afterward he held me for the longest time.
by Alec April 17, 2005
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making love is completely different from having sex.

it's when two lovers show love for each other by passionately pleasuring one should be shared with someone who you truly love or your spouse.

its slow, its gentle, its romantic, its meaningful and it usually involves a lot of touching and kissing..

afterwards, theres often cuddling & kisses and soft whispers of "i love you"..

its not a quicky. its not just fast pleasure. its more than that.
mm.. babe, let's make love.
by princess tevis June 25, 2006
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(Is not "fuqin, hit'n that, bangin', or anything else..) Makin love is when a man or a woman (who are in love wit each other) take part in a long or short moment together..It is basically havin sex except it is nice and slow..) It includes kissing and carressing... People make love because they are in love...
Carenna and Elija have been together for almost 2 years. She said that she lost her virginity to him after 1 year, that they had loved each other... They did not just fuq when she lost it to him, they made love...
by imsmartlkethat June 16, 2003
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instead of fucking her brains out, take the time to charish your time together
and take it easy and satisfy both of your needs.(dont stop until she cums)
I made sweet love to my baby boo*
by shy June 16, 2003
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Basicly sex, but the 2 partners have an emotional connection (love) it's slow, and involves a lot of lovey dovey stuff such as kissing, feeling, whispering into each others ears etc.....
Dan and Jill made passionate love under the moon light.
by ac February 13, 2004
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sex when taken to a higher ground: the opposite of fucking. usually slow, soft, and sensual. the term is preferred by women, although many use it incorrectly, calling all sex lovemaking. even hard-core dildo cornholing and such whatnots.
We made love for hours in the blue moonlight.

-Did you and Johnny make love last night?
-No, we fucked like rabid monkeys.
by bec March 26, 2005
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