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what a mexican guy says to his woman if he doesn't want to take her shit. synonymous with BITCH, go make me a sandwich! often preceded by a pimp slap.
senorita: ayyy! turn your death metal off! it sounds like someone having trouble making mierda and is hurting like fuck!

hombre: *pimp slap* PUTA, go make me a quesadilla!
by make me a fuckin sandwich, jen January 15, 2010
If you'd rather have a guy cum on you than in you (and then subsequently flop down on top of you after climax), you say "make me a quesadilla". Can be used in conjunction with I'd rather get mexican.

For men, it's something you say to your ugly wife when she offers to give you yet another sub-standard blowjob, because a good quesadilla is always better than your 1000th lackluster BJ. Can be used in conjunction with I'd rather get mexican.
Dude: I'm gonna cum!
You: Make me a quesadilla! I'd rather get mexican!


Wife: Baby, you want me to suck your cock?
You: Oh, just make me a quesadilla. I'd rather get mexican.
by leahpet December 24, 2009

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