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A beautiful young popular girl, super sporty. She is always happy and very well known. All the boys like her but she wont give in. Maizy is really hot with lots of lovers. All the girls are jealous of how well she gets along with all the other boys. She has good tits and booty she is best friends with all the guys.
guy 1: OMG Maizy is so hot right now i so wanna get with her
guy 2: Noway man she;s mine
girl 1: um boys she not even that hot
guy 1: your just jealous she's gorgoeus!
maizy: awww guys! stop everyone is really hot. lets play some ball!!
by Alex's hair May 31, 2016
Used to describe anything related to corn, or more specifically, maize.

Also rhymes with hazey and can be used interchangeably when appropriate.
"After working with the crops all day, I smell pretty maizy."

"Nigga this fog all maizy!"
by Peter Espovel May 01, 2008
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