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The current gaurdian of gnome prince Fred Humphrey III. She also has a nack for making conversations uncomfortable by bringing up the subject of pms. She is officer and enforcer of the Sara Project. She is the origin of the code word "meter". She also takes part in the great syncronization once a month.
Oh no here comes Maisha. The guys better run!
by Klutzilla December 23, 2007
17 39
the coolest person eberrrrrrrr 8D
zomg. that person is so MAISHA. 8D TEEHEE.
by Ladeedawins July 09, 2009
73 20
My favorite person ever. She's amazing in every single way, and attracts men by the name of David Archuleta and Alex Gaskarth. I love her with ALL my heart.
Look at Maisha, she's the most awesome person the world has ever held.
by someonewholovesyouxxx July 09, 2009
76 27
A tall & intelligent person who is very fun and weird only if you get to know her. She will be shy and quiet if you've never spoken to her before. And she has awesome shoes.
Will mostly commit suicide because of depression & social anxiety.
She's Maisha.
by BioWizard August 23, 2011
23 15
A fail
You're such a maisha!
by Daaangitschris April 10, 2010
19 58
a really dark black lady, that has a large ass.

approves of all stereotypes of all black people.

by sweenus mcfinklesticks January 01, 2008
27 72