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Casual sex that holds you over between long-term partners.
Shaun was kind of a tool, but he provided me with great maintenance sex before I met Josh.
#player #shallow #casual sex #partners #partying
by don'tWaitUp June 11, 2010
Sexual intercourse initiated by the male partner of a long term live-in relationship primarily for the relief of his sexual tension and usually occuring at the same time and place every week. If foreplay is included, it is uninspired and routine in nature. If anything other than missionary position is used, you are NOT having maintenance sex!

Maintenance sex is associated with an increase in UTIs in women (due primarily to the lack of lubrication) and with other relationship problems such as extramarital affairs and divorce. Interestingly extramarital affairs and divorce are also effective cures for maintenance sex.
"So what happened to you and Mr. Right? I thought you guys were a great couple!"
"Couldn't take the maintenance sex so I had to dump him."
#workaholism #cougar #the pool guy #latin lover #boredom
by deep fried macaroni February 07, 2010
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