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An accent that has remained a part of Maine culture. How a mainer can recognize his fellow mainer from all the yuppies... It is a combination of French, English, Scottish, Irish, and a bit of Pollack too. A difficult accent to pick up at first but the colloquialisms tend to stick.
Look bub, if ya ah yuppie this ain't gunna make sense ta ya. We got a wicked pissah way of speakin. If ya from away ya might get it, if nawt then ferget tha whole fawkin idear. Leaf peepers and frogs, the whole lot of ya; ya can't get they-ah from heer. Eat ya damned bugs and then get the fawk out. And to all ya mainahs and from awayahs, ya fellers have a nice suppa' and enjoy the nippy weath-a. It ain't all fur nothin. And I'm pretty shur I'm all set with explainin' maine slang.
by 1of1.3million October 28, 2013
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