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Mid-Kent. A medway town, known to have several council estates situated around the town center, linked closely to other medway towns such as chatham and strood.
Great place to go if you are chav or pikey spotting.
Places to avoid are Brenchley gardens at night, as the pikeys with the cheap cider and drugs tend to hang on the bandstand waiting to beat up passers by.
''Oi dont look at me bwoy! il indent ya face with me soverign!''
by toky May 08, 2004
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UK geog: It's the county town of Kent, situated in the Medway Valley. It's also a total shithole that is overrun with chavs.
A: I have to go to Maidstone tomorrow.
B: You poor fuck...
A: Tell me about it.
by kentishson February 29, 2004
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