Falls into hole all the time
naru: Mai just go to sleep
Mai: okay

ghost: NOPE! *pulls mai into well*
Naru: *face palm* way to go mai!
by seagullsloveandy January 17, 2013
Marijuana cigarette, "porro".
"Pásame el mai, tío" "Pass me the joint, mate"
by fonsucu June 09, 2008
The bouncy japanese ninja girl from Fatal Fury series. Her bra size is 38DD!! She is the formal girlfriend of Ryu from Street Fighter series.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
Boobs or Breast in Bengali language
Ki magi mairi, dekhlei mai tipte ichhe kore
by dass December 14, 2004
Breast in slang bengali
amaar MAI duto ager theke onek boro hoyeche (in bengali) means my BREASTS have increased much in size than what it was before.
by Kamkhoka June 19, 2008
Current Children: Ziggurat, Matt

If Mai got herself pregnant with her Male side: Maivis
by RandyL March 16, 2003
Something that is usually an asian. It can speak english in a funny accent and is always corrected by some other asian object of sexual desire. It is usualy found in its natural habitat inside a vinnies store searching for bargains. it is typically a lesbian. and does not eat KFC. most commonly it is found with a clump of dead womans hair on its head. this thing has no sense of direction a 'mai' usually gets lost and acts confused in any situation. A mai cannot drink alcohol or will turn fire engine red. if a mai has alcohol in its system it will act disoriented and stumble. do not approach a mai if it is drunk or if you are black. a mai is attracted to cu den and is very good at drawing naked people
She is so mai. that is such a mai thing. that animal is a mai. oh my god its a mai!
by noobstick August 25, 2010

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