Something that is usually an asian. It can speak english in a funny accent and is always corrected by some other asian object of sexual desire. It is usualy found in its natural habitat inside a vinnies store searching for bargains. it is typically a lesbian. and does not eat KFC. most commonly it is found with a clump of dead womans hair on its head. this thing has no sense of direction a 'mai' usually gets lost and acts confused in any situation. A mai cannot drink alcohol or will turn fire engine red. if a mai has alcohol in its system it will act disoriented and stumble. do not approach a mai if it is drunk or if you are black. a mai is attracted to cu den and is very good at drawing naked people
She is so mai. that is such a mai thing. that animal is a mai. oh my god its a mai!
by noobstick August 25, 2010
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synonymous to a really really hot asian chick.
DUDE! Check out that mai.
by shooter January 21, 2005
Vietnamese for "Cherry Blossom"
The girl preferred to be called "Mai".
by Yukira Tsurama July 02, 2003
Stands for good luck, and a very pretty flower
I bought one of those Mai flowers for New Year's
by thi-mai March 09, 2005
mai gurls are hot,sexy,understanding,sensitive,cute, and everything else you can think of...
damn... that gurl Mai... shits... she's everything i wanted!!!
by sexay_babee February 23, 2005
Japanese term of the word Dance. I have a friend named Mai ^^
Fujiwara Mai: fujiwara-“¡Œ´ (wisteria fields) •‘-Mai(dance)
by Mi-chan November 05, 2006
Boobs or breasts of a girl in bengali. Used mostly for big boobs
"Ami tor kochi mai gulo chuse debo"
means 'I will suck your young boobs'
by BulaDA December 29, 2010
can be used as the word my.
Please give me mai pie!
by thigh August 25, 2006

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