An assome Greek family. 2 boss kids. One girl one boy. The girl is hilarious, And smart. But she is a not a fast person, but an excellent tennis player.

She is also in love with a soccer player.
Katharine Maheras
by Greere February 21, 2010
Top Definition
Arabic word - literally means "the smart one". A person whom people are usually jealous of because of their capability to comprehend the nature of individuals.
You can try, but you can never be mahera.
by billyblack271 January 20, 2010
An individual that absolutely ruins and destroys the mood, and atmosphere. It leaves no room to improve the mood at all, it becomes barren and utter disaster. Essentially, a mood-killer
Dude, why did you do that? Weren't you thinking, like you're such a mahera
by airshanf14 February 25, 2009
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