a teenage boy that posh wanks over his sister, who has extreme amounts of unshaven bumfluff under his nose.
dan u have got such a magtash. get a shave u magtash!!! ur magtash is so long its in ur mouth
by Skeletom October 10, 2007
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one one does not shave and there blond 'tash' begins growing passed the top lip, hense having a magtash. hair must be blond or does not work.
'hey have seen frostie today? he's got a right magtash!'
'yh i no hes a right ugly bastard!'
by karl bailey October 10, 2007
TO have large amounts of bum fluff where a mustash will grow. This is seen on teenage men.
Teen age men who have not developed full facial hair thus having a magtash.
You have a magtash.
by Daniel Frost October 10, 2007

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