"Nick Name" short for Big boobs Magoo.
Given to a female who has very large boobs.
A girl at Edinboro has the nick name Big Boobs Magoo.
by Porth January 30, 2005
code word for alcohol
"lets magoo" aka, lets drink.
"lets get magooed" aka, lets get drunk.
so on& so fourth.
by chanelleee :] August 22, 2008
adj.: unable to be described verbally without works like eek, barf, aak and mleck comming to mind. totally funky but never in a supremely disgusting manner.
Ew, that guy checking us out is soo magoo.
by Theresa Renee Escobedo August 20, 2003
Magoo:A state of being.Usually describing the appearance or emotion(s)of how one may look or feel; particularly any feeling(s) of strange, weird, out-of-body, disorder, and chaos. A universal word used to discribe anything including, but not limited to, taste, smell, sight, touch, and anything else, one may wish to use the word for.
Magoo pie can be magooishly tasty, if magooed properly by magoo bakers.
by Henry DeVille April 29, 2006
(adj.) A word for when there are no words.
Person 1: "I haven't showered in a week."
Person 2:"That is so MAGOO!!"

Person 1: "She wears garters all the time."
Person 2: "Well, that's 'cause she's MAGOO."

(When in a sticky situation:) "Sorry about that, I am so MAGOO."
by Magellan Greenbean April 19, 2006
really, really messed up
this whole situation is just so magoo
by allison March 12, 2004
Another slang, slightly offensive world for a homosexual. Mostly used in place of more offensive words to refer to respected homosexuals.
Homosexual: "So how come you don't when I touch the back of your neck like that?"

Thug: "Cos I don't see you as a magoo."
by The Crimson Avenger December 18, 2003

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