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(v.) when a gay (and usually drunk) man gropes a straight man in a desperate attempt to gain his affection
Mark got wasted at the club last night and magooed me! Again!
by TheEvilHammer December 02, 2010
Sexual term for anal sex. A word that portrays the sound and act of anal sex.
She may be drunk enough for magoo tonight.
by Etrain77 October 12, 2011
Slang for female genitalia.
Hey, Janet, mind giving me a peak at your magoo?
by ST421 January 13, 2011
1. The feeling when you wake up from a long night of drinking.

2. The taste of a REALLY strong drink.
As the hung over individual wakes up with a pounding headache and his mouth tasting like a litterbox, he states "Magoo..."
by King Fat Cock (AKA: KFC) August 10, 2009
noun: to be a odd, lame, chessy person with no intention to give back to society.
That guy back there was so magoo.
by Evan97013 April 29, 2008
Magoo is the process for pulling sick days at work just because you can be bothered to turn up. This phenomenon was first started by the legend Alvin Magoo
Magoooooooooo on Friday
by Magoo Master July 06, 2009
someone (typically someone of the opposite/same sex) that shows interest in you but is soo dork but intriquingly attractive that you can't place it.
Oh man Beth, He is SOOO magoo!
by Stephanie T. Sabbagh February 24, 2004