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a 'floating' mode of transportation powered by magnetism conceived by chester gould, creator of the (ancient) dick tracy comic strip.

i remain somewhat disappointed i never got my "flying car"!! -in the 60s', technology was becoming so awesome, one believed "the sky was the limit", -and it wasn't....!!

if we can land on the moon, where is this type technology?
and while we're at it, how about a virtual reality android/cyborg to "take one off", too!? men AND women would probably be thrilled to dispense with one another!!!!
he was crusin' for a bruisin' in his magnetic air car!

-used magnetic air cars over at tony's, for only 100 cesium-23 discs!!

i designed a magnetic air car, but was 'smoked' by the "big three"
by michael foolsley June 01, 2011
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