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Honor bestowed upon graduation to the dude in the class who came the most during the course.
Yes, I graduated Magna Cum Laude... i fucked every chick in class... even the dogs!
by Hugh G Rection December 02, 2005
190 71
Actual definition: adj, adv; with great praise; with high honor
Practical definition: v. to ejaculate with much force, and to do so with high volume
He magna cum lauded all night long!
by Super Heavyweight January 11, 2003
77 28
Latin for "Mega Cum Load". Used to describe exemplary prowess in cumshotting.
It says "Magna Cum Laude" on my resume. My cumshotting ability is a special skill that really makes me stand out from the competition.
by 409010402050 September 10, 2011
21 8
n. a load shot with such amazing size and force it is comparable to an eruption of magma from a volcano
I wish Peter North would shoot magna cum laudes into my plump ass.
by George Resso January 16, 2004
21 54
to ejaculate with great force; to orgasm at a high pitch
She made me magna cum laude!
by Super Heavyweight January 11, 2003
23 60