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The Magical H Chord is a mystical and wonderous guitar chord that many (not) amazing and (not) superly talented bands use, such as Busted and other not shitty crap talentless wank disgraces to music pop-punk bands pioneered and use.

To play the Magical H Chord, just rest all your fingers on your guitar fretboard, in any position, and make it look like you can actually play a guitar. Then strum the guitar stupidly and voila, a riff will sound out of nowhere! You don't even need to be plugged into an amp!

Changing your position randomly makes the Magical H Chord look even better. Why learn how to actually play a guitar?Embarrass music and impress all your friends by playing like McFly!
Greedy Music Producer: "Hrh hrh hrh I have an idea. Rock music is cool and has millions of fans, let's make a mockery of it by producing a pop band that pretends to be rock, let's give them guitars!!"

Secretary: "But sir, won't they have to actually have some talent with guitars?"

Greedy Music Producer: "Heelll no. We'll teach them the Magical H Chord, and get the session guitarists we lock in the cupboard to write all the songs."


Magical H Chord User: "Hey look at me! I have talent with a guitar! Watch me strum and play riffs!!"

Competant Musician: "'re not actually doing anything except for strumming out of time, and moving your hand stupidly up and down the fretboard. Infact, you're not even strumming, you're missing the strings...and you look like you masterbating the guitar."

Competant Musician's friend: "Oh good god, we've got another talentless fucking magical h chord using pop-punk band. GO BURN IN HELL LIKE AVRIL LAVIGNE!"
by Competant Musician June 15, 2006
It's when a talented guitarist places their fingers on a guitar and strums. Praying they make a good sound, most of the time they don't. But when they do they will play it off like they intended to do it.
Look at that faggot playing his Magical H chords
by MY NIGGA November 05, 2014

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