A type of genre in manga or anime that is targeted toward girls preteen and below.

It features an ordinary girl who one day receive magical power and transform into her alter-ego magical superpower to battle evil.

The transformation process is always the same with the girl posing and her boy basked in shining light while the clothes magically attach themselves to the girl. For an unknown reason, the villain always wait until the magical girl is done transforming and they are never attacked in middle of transformation.

magical girls often wears sexy, revealing clothes and mini-skits. As well as cutie-looking weapon.

The less prominent, male version of this is magical boy
Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura are magical girl anime
by Hespia Klarerin December 04, 2010
Top Definition
Any of one or more girly anime featuing busty girls in short skirts battling evil guys then sleeping with (In a non-sexual way) each other.

Some of them are lesbians
Sailor Moon has lots of magical girls.
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004

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