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A term of endearment between mates in Australia - replacement for the term mate. Specifically used between Newmanites from Western Australia.
Maggot, what're you up to.
by Darrell Smith June 17, 2005
Hard Core *SlipKnot* fans, people unwilling to live in this fucked up world that has been forged from dirt and shit.
Coty is a Maggot and hes going to kick you in the face!
by Armageddon May 30, 2004
Person with extreme dislike for the generally liked
The kid hates halo therefore he is a maggot
by Sonic X August 26, 2003
a hardcore (sic) slipknot fan

slipknot kicks ass fuck fred durst and stay (sic) all you maggot motherfuckers
i'm maggot cuz i listen to the best fucking band in the world, slipknot and so are all my crazy fuckin friends fuck you if you dont like slipknot and stay (sic) if you do peace to all maggots
by (sic) maggot 666 September 20, 2006
1. Drunk
2. Self proclaimed Slipknot fan =/
3. Fly when its first born.
Last night we got so maggot we made them Slipknot maggots eat some live maggots.
by Nezbit. April 05, 2005
maggot- a word used to call somone by
fuck you all maggots

slipknot owns you
by (SIC) November 24, 2003
in the yards in prison/underworld activity, a deadset low cunt that is marginally higher on the pecking order than a child molester, but only ever so marginally.
hows that maggots form, i reckon we carve the fuckin dog up when no cunts watchin.
by matt March 21, 2005