Pre-dating Slipknot by almost twenty years, a maggot is a slovenly, hard partying, rock and roll dude. Priorities in life include beer, dope, metal and chicks. Maggots can usually be seen in their natural habitat, the basement party, but may sometimes migrate to reunion concerts or bars featuring cover bands. Maggots tend to be good natured and are usually harmless due to the high concentration of alcohol in their systems but on occasion do argue when the heated "Black Sabbath vs Led Zeppelin" debate arises. Such arguments may lead to fisticuffs but usually resolve with a vigorous Soul Man handshake and ordering a couple more beers.
Larry: Phil, you maggot! Your Iron Maiden t-shirt is awesome, man!
Phil: Thanks dude! I got it at the headshop for ten bucks, I think it's a bootleg.
Larry: Hey, let's get drunk.
Phil: You are such a maggot... Let's go.
#maggot #maggoty #metalhead #dude #dope #chicks #metal
by Damage88 January 18, 2006
slipknot fans...they rock and their (sic)
im a (sic) maggot...and im not a faggot
by lizz August 30, 2003
Extreme state of intoxication resulting from excessive intake of drugs
Lets grab a tinnie and get maggot
by Timmah May 06, 2003
1. an asshole
2. a stoner who wears tight pants, listens to death metal, doesnt shower or get haircuts, usually wears the same clothes everyday, and tries to cause fights with people with more money and try to act tough.

3. same as the above, but as a wigger.
1. A high school football team captain who treats people like shit and ego trips everyone.
2. if someone would drive an expensive sports car near a skate park, train station, or another maggot hotspot, and it would be left there, it would most likely get trashed, and they will blast the owner and call him a spoiled brat, when the truth is that they worked hard for it as opposed to smoking pot with a bunch of fudgepackers instead of going to school.
#douche bag #white trash #pole smoker #weed #scrub #stoner
by stangorino281 April 15, 2011
maggot, a larvae of a fly found in rotting meats, or , a liitle blonde freak that does not wash his hair and is 1 foot nothing >_<.
maggot: mmmmmmmmmm rotting apples
apple: eat my ass dickface


RB: i dont wash my hair
someone with a life: u should its wrong, long hair is cool but it needs to be washed
RB: i love YT. HAHAHAHA soap is scary.
#dirty #chav #weed #apples #rotting #maggots #wierd #sex #the works
by i am a manwhore, like ur nan July 10, 2009
an adjective describing extreme drunkiness.
"im mag as fuck"
"lets get maggot"
#maggot #drunk #crunk #drunkiness #mag
by Harry Hones April 28, 2008
1) A fly in it's larvae form.
2) A person who throws up for reasons they shouldn't have
3) Verb. To throw up.
4) To trip out when one has not consumed a lot of alcohol or drugs.

see also mag
1) My garbage is filled with maggots.
2) Look at Fred throw up. What a maggot.
3) Holy shit, she just magged all over the lawn.
4) George is freaking out, and he only smoked like .5. What a maggot.
by Paul September 26, 2004
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