maggot- a word used to call somone by
fuck you all maggots

slipknot owns you
by (SIC) November 24, 2003
a person who likes rock music that is fast and hard
he likes slipknot, he is such a maggot, and thats cool.
by caden April 21, 2006
in the yards in prison/underworld activity, a deadset low cunt that is marginally higher on the pecking order than a child molester, but only ever so marginally.
hows that maggots form, i reckon we carve the fuckin dog up when no cunts watchin.
by matt March 21, 2005
1. A slimy, disgusting creature that lives off the dead.
2. Michael Moore (see definition 1)
A fly's baby is a maggot.
by LorgSkyegon December 03, 2005
a student in an accelerated program (magnet program) who often exhibits impaired social skills and an inability to complete any task other then the ones put in front of them that are turned in for a grade.
students in a magnet program
by nick February 09, 2005
A Anglicised word for the French word Maggard.
Rob is said to be a maggot.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
Regardless of race, gender, etc. etc...
Anyone who commits a crime or is frequently involved in criminal activity.

Somewhat of a politically correct term that has no implifications of racism.
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
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