Will be shy at first, but once you get to know her, she's crazy and insane!

She loves: anime, fanfictions/fandoms, books, movies, drawing, and video-games.
She's smart and good with advice, but bad with baby-sitting.
If you anger her, she'll be calm and collected about it. She likes to be annoying and friendly.
She also likes to flirt a little, too. If you become her boyfriend and leave her/cheat on her, she won't cry, she'll just break up with you and move on.
She's a strong girl and likes to party.
Hey look! It's Maggie!
by NameGenius1132 May 15, 2016
A girl who can't keep a secret
She is basic and tries to fit in
Also a cow
Guy 1: I told that girl who I like
Guy 2: You made a mistake, she is a maggie
Guy 1: I really did. O knew she looked like a cow
by abby is a queen May 12, 2016
the most dwurrtastic girl ever oh yeah and she likes trains

maggie likes trains
by jesus-hitler-christ January 06, 2012
Maggie is a girl who always looks like a million bucks (ie. pretty dresses and skirts), except when she wears sweats/ athletic wear (ie. the HC sweatshirt). She does look good in athletic wear but not "a million bucks" good.

Her face is like an angel's... one flash of her smile would allow her to get away with murder. Her voice is also like an angel's, both in song and speech. Shes like those girls on miss USA without the skanky. When you first meet her, you will think she is sweet as a cupcake, but when you get to know her, you learn otherwise.

Maggie is a girl who is very smart but uses her smarts to taunt/ torture people sometimes. Her pessimistic/ apathetic perspective on life is hilarious along with her sarcasm.... when it is not used at your expense.

She maintains the perfect balance between care-free and serious diligence, working hard to become a doctor during the week then throwing some stellar parties on the weekends.

She has phenomenal taste in music, preferring Celine Dion, Justin Beiber, and Broadway show tunes

To sum up Maggie Johnson, she's got as much feisty-ness as a bobcat, more wit than your college professors, and looks like a disney princess.
Maggie looked so pretty today in her purple dress.... and then she made Andy cry. Disney Princess Rapidform Justin Bieber Medical School Bobcats Broadway Miss America
by Len Jeavitt June 27, 2011
Maggie is a fake person who has no life. She is annoying and thinks shes way more than she really is.
Dude Maggie is so fake I mean she thinks she's all that.
by Would you like to know December 15, 2015
1. The type of girl whose cock mileage is measured in the same units as interstellar distances.
2. Needs a smacking every once in a while like a semi-broken TV.
3. That girl that you can't tell whats dumber, the shit she says or the fucking god-awful voice that wont stop.
4. The Inuinnaqtun word for bad cook or chef.
5. The certain type of dirty whore that does not know they are a dirty whore.
6. The short form of Margaret.
1. 1,854 AU (Astronomical Unit(s)) of cock.

3.62 Light Years of cock.
0.182 pc (Parsec(s)) of cock.

2. Bob: "Hey, Mike wanna garb drinks tonight? Maggie's acting up again."
Mike: "For sure. Did u forget to give her medicinal bi-weekly smackings?"

Bob: "Oh shit good call bro."
Mike: "Bud, I told you when I gave her to you, she needs bi-weekly smacks to the face to function properly.
Bob: "I know man, its just... my hand still hurts from last time."
Mike: "It's alright bobby we've all gotten tired of smacking Maggie. But it must be done."

3. Maggie: "<says dumb shit>"
Bob: " Shut the fuck up please"
Maggie:"What? Why? this is something we really need to discuss"
Bob: " youre absolutely correct, lets talk by txt, i've got some errands i gotta run"

4. You never tell a Maggie "Kaagliqpunga." Inuit Tradition, you just don't.

5.Roger: "Bob check out that girl in red. Dare me to ask her out?"
Bob: "I've been there and i'm telling you, thats a Maggie, steer clear for youre own safety."
Roger: "What how do you know? she seems like a really nice person"
Bob: " Thats how they all are, its how they have to be in order to withhold their survivability through the denial of their whoredom on a day to day basis."

6. Potentially of Persian origin, derived from the Persian language marvârid (مروارید), a pearl or daughter of light.
by Usedpseudonym December 18, 2013
A selfish bitch that flirts with her best friends crush. She often has a fake laugh and isn't very nice. They can be nice at first,but don't be fooled. They will eventually turn their back on you. Don't trust a magdalynn.
Maggie is such a birch!
Who wants to be friends with her?
by kkkkkklllllooooolllll April 14, 2015
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