Maggie is a girl who always looks like a million bucks (ie. pretty dresses and skirts), except when she wears sweats/ athletic wear (ie. the HC sweatshirt). She does look good in athletic wear but not "a million bucks" good.

Her face is like an angel's... one flash of her smile would allow her to get away with murder. Her voice is also like an angel's, both in song and speech. Shes like those girls on miss USA without the skanky. When you first meet her, you will think she is sweet as a cupcake, but when you get to know her, you learn otherwise.

Maggie is a girl who is very smart but uses her smarts to taunt/ torture people sometimes. Her pessimistic/ apathetic perspective on life is hilarious along with her sarcasm.... when it is not used at your expense.

She maintains the perfect balance between care-free and serious diligence, working hard to become a doctor during the week then throwing some stellar parties on the weekends.

She has phenomenal taste in music, preferring Celine Dion, Justin Beiber, and Broadway show tunes

To sum up Maggie Johnson, she's got as much feisty-ness as a bobcat, more wit than your college professors, and looks like a disney princess.
Maggie looked so pretty today in her purple dress.... and then she made Andy cry. Disney Princess Rapidform Justin Bieber Medical School Bobcats Broadway Miss America
by Len Jeavitt June 27, 2011
It means annoying or to be annoyed
Man that girl won't shut up she is so maggie.

That so maggie.

They actin maggie rights now.
by Cap505 February 26, 2014
A unimaginably intelligent woman who was raised by wolves who also has a huge body mass, but unfortunally resembles a man physically. Normally found in high school.
Maggie frigoed him so hard in the balls because he made fun of wolves. Afterwards she ate a Jesse.
by ProFrigoer January 27, 2013
When a man slaps someone across the face with his dick.
This chick was giving me head when I decided to pull my dick out and give her a Maggie.
by Shykester January 04, 2013
If you ever run into a young teenage Maggie, RUN. The only thing you will get out of this creature is drama. The young teenage Maggie is a popularity seeking leach. Whoever she needs to put down or humiliate to become popular she will take the chance to do so quicker than you can snap your finger. She will betray any person who tried to be nice or accepting of her just so she may have a shot at being "popular". The Maggie can be found starting drama around the halls of SMS. If you ever have the horrid encounter of this beast throw a mixture of reality, truth, and unpopularity to melt this Maggie creature to the ground.
Shane: "Guys I think Maggie is coming"

Chuck: RUN BITCHES!!!!! D:
by pseudonymwillhideus. June 21, 2012
A girl who appears nice but as you get to know her turns mean. She is a backstabber. She is a priss and a teacher's pet. She lies to get her way and make you seem bad. She is very popular and will do anything to out-shine you, even if you're her friend. Stay away from Maggies, They are never good.
"Ew. She is acting like Maggie."
"Wow. Whatta Maggie."
by Brooke Tobin February 28, 2013
A magnifying glass.
Give me that maggie, will ya? I can't read this stuff!
by pentozali March 10, 2011

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