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Short for Margaret;

A kind, strange and loving girl. She can be misunderstood by many, but if you just ask for her to clear things up she will. She can be obsessive over things like a new project, book series, or television show. Maggie will be shy, and not easily trusting, but once she's gotten to know you she'll forever be there for you. But if you do get on her bad side she won't do anything to be mean. She'll be polite to you but she won't bother doing anything else.
Maggie is a little strange, but shes the best and most loyal friend you can count on.
by Lunar-Lunacy April 03, 2013
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the most dwurrtastic girl ever oh yeah and she likes trains

maggie likes trains
by jesus-hitler-christ January 06, 2012
12 9
a Maggie is a girl that won't take a compliment no matter how hard you try. They are the kind of girls who would rather die than be useless. They will smile above all and let everyone think they are okay even when others lie and hurt them. They won't leave their friends or tell other's secrets even if they find them on accident. They hate being called pretty because they don't like others being judged for their looks. They don't feel special and can easily suffer from clinical depression. They like to dye their hair, get tattoos and piercings. They won't judge you for being of whatever sex, sexuality, or religion only if you hurt others. Maggies lie and say they are okay and cry in the shower before they let another see or hear them shed a tear because they feel no one can help them. Often they wish the could be alone and are scared they will become greedy self centered or worst of all hurt the ones they love most. They are normally short girls with dark brown hair and hurricane hazel eyes. No matter what they do they are hurt to easily and often pretend they don't care. If you get a girl named Maggie tell her she is beautiful and treat her like it to remind her even if she seems like it doesn't matter to her. They who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. Maggie is just a girl that is artsy and likes being alone.
Guy: Maggie is so pretty!
Maggie: no im not.
by XmX November 17, 2013
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Mikes Girl Friend!
Girl 1: Did you hear Maggie is dating Mike?
Guy 1: Yeah, everybody wants him.
Guy 2: Including me!
Girl 2: I wish I was a Maggie!
by Margaret Thompny September 24, 2011
13 11
It means annoying or to be annoyed
Man that girl won't shut up she is so maggie.

That so maggie.

They actin maggie rights now.
by Cap505 February 26, 2014
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She is the one you can always go to. The one who I can talk to. The one who I love. She is the one for me. I know I messed up in the past but know our future is bright. Sure we fight here and there but we end up making it right. Even when you think ill go back to her I never am leaving your side again. We have so many special things like our numbers 44 and 21. Those will be there forever and I love you Maggie you are my one and only.
Maggie is the one for me.
by Crusader4421 April 15, 2013
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Maggie's are fun to be around and will always make your day. They are great friends and will always have your back no matter what. They have beautiful brown hair with natural blonde streaks. They are often very pretty but don't seem to see it. Maggie's are smart and have a great passion for dance, especially ballet. Maggie is also very good at art and music. If Maggie seems overwhelming to you, and your a guy, she probably likes you and just wants you to notice her, but that's not really who she is. If you are lucky enough to have a Maggie in your life, never let her go, you will always regret it. She is an amazing girlfriend who likes to have fun but also has a serious side.
Guy 1: Did you hear who Maggie's dating?!

Guy 2: What! You mean she's taken! That's not fair:(
by Dance Till We Die June 06, 2014
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