Short for Margaret;

A kind, strange and loving girl. She can be misunderstood by many, but if you just ask for her to clear things up she will. She can be obsessive over things like a new project, book series, or television show. Maggie will be shy, and not easily trusting, but once she's gotten to know you she'll forever be there for you. But if you do get on her bad side she won't do anything to be mean. She'll be polite to you but she won't bother doing anything else.
Maggie is a little strange, but shes the best and most loyal friend you can count on.
by Lunar-Lunacy April 03, 2013
Maggie's are fun to be around and will always make your day. They are great friends and will always have your back no matter what. They have beautiful brown hair with natural blonde streaks. They are often very pretty but don't seem to see it. Maggie's are smart and have a great passion for dance, especially ballet. Maggie is also very good at art and music. If Maggie seems overwhelming to you, and your a guy, she probably likes you and just wants you to notice her, but that's not really who she is. If you are lucky enough to have a Maggie in your life, never let her go, you will always regret it. She is an amazing girlfriend who likes to have fun but also has a serious side.
Guy 1: Did you hear who Maggie's dating?!

Guy 2: What! You mean she's taken! That's not fair:(
by Dance Till We Die June 06, 2014
She is the one you can always go to. The one who I can talk to. The one who I love. She is the one for me. I know I messed up in the past but know our future is bright. Sure we fight here and there but we end up making it right. Even when you think ill go back to her I never am leaving your side again. We have so many special things like our numbers 44 and 21. Those will be there forever and I love you Maggie you are my one and only.
Maggie is the one for me.
by Crusader4421 April 15, 2013
A sweet girl who is usually misunderstood. Maggie's are a mystery, you can never be sure to know everything about her. She can be a kid at heart and knows how to make people laugh. Blunt, unique and a total bookworm. Her beautiful blue eyes can see straight through your soul. Her presence is healing. Just don't get on her bad side, she's a very good judge of character and will call you out on your shit.
by Starlight5 November 14, 2015
Maggie is the hottest girl in the whole wide world!! She gets all the boys , can sing/dacnce HELLA good. And if you are lucky enough to be dating a Maggie and you dump her chance are she'll put you in hospital for 10 months. Don't hurt her coz she'll hurt you back. If she wera model she would beat mirander Kerr with one eyeball
Maggie is a dream come true
by Somebodytonotleanon April 06, 2015
Mikes Girl Friend!
Girl 1: Did you hear Maggie is dating Mike?
Guy 1: Yeah, everybody wants him.
Guy 2: Including me!
Girl 2: I wish I was a Maggie!
by Margaret Thompny September 24, 2011
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