An amazing friend, is there for you all the time. She is also has many different sides to her as she can be the nicest person and an evil overlord with minions at the same time. She is super duper uber pretty , and will never let you down. Everyone loves her, and she is an amazing actress and super smart. If you don't have a Maggie as your friend, you should get one.
Person 1: Who is that? She's so amazing!

Person 2: Oh that's a Maggie.
by dkaljdsfklajdsflajdsfklsjdfasl January 10, 2012
1) n. Nickname for Margaret.

2) n. Commonly used dog's name. If your name is Maggie, chances are every person that ever meets you who happens to have a dog named Maggie (Which will be at least 25% of the people you meet in your life) will immediately reply with, "Oh. My dog's name is Maggie! How cute!" Because they think you A) Care and B) Also think this is "cute".
1) Newborn's mother: "I think I'll name her Margaret."
Friend: "You should call her Maggie for short."

2) Maggie: "Hi, I'm Maggie, nice to meet you."
Girl: "Oh! Your name is Maggie?! My dog's name is Maggie!"
Maggie: *in head: I don't give a fuck.* "That's nice. You should introduce me to her."
by Maggalaggadingdong August 26, 2006
Maggie is mystery. She's kindhearted, happy, upbeat, and fun to be around, but she's got a sexy, darker side to her. She can be manipulative, conniving, an tricky to pin down, which somehow makes you love her more. You'll never get tired of being with Maggie because she's always surprising you. She can be a nice, innocent girl that you bring home to your parents, but the second she gets you alone she will ravish you. She's incredibly sexy and knows how to drive a guy crazy. Maggie is also a phenomenal girlfriend who loves to laugh and smile and who appreciates the little things. She's incredibly caring and you shouldn't be surprised to see her helping out around church or building houses for the homeless. She can be tough on the outside but is a very sensitive and loving girl so be careful not to hurt her. Maggie is someone you never want to let go of because you'll always regret it.
Wow how did I get so lucky to be dating Maggie?

I never know what that Maggie is thinkin' but somehow that makes me love her more.

She's incredible. I can't wait to go hang out with Maggie again!
by "Lil Nugget" February 14, 2013
A down right amazing girl who has so much love in her heart for every body, even thoughs who have burned her. She is a best friend to everyone. Maggie will always be there for you even when no one else will She is the definition of amazing!
Maggie is my best friend and my BBFLTE!
by BBFLTE #1 October 16, 2011
Maggies are nice and down to earth. She will keep your secrets even from the people she's close to, but she might have some secrets of her own. She's sincere and hates the suffering of others because she knows real pain. When you first meet Maggies they might seem like the shy scene girl, but when you get to know them they're crazy. They're always smiling even if they're breaking inside. If people tell them they're pretty they will deny it because they really don't see it. They might have/want some tattoos or piercings and hate it when people judge them for it. Maggies are short with naturally brown hair, but they may secretly or not so secretly want to change it. She only sees her flaws and can't understand why people like her. She might seem sweet, but if you get on her bad side she'll destroy you. She's a loyal friend, but is always scared that her friends secretly hate her. Maggies are easily hurt and even the tiniest insult can shatter what little confidence she has. She won't let anyone know if she's suffering and will cry in the shower or at night so no one can hear her. Even if she wants to ask for help she won't because she is terrified of what people think and that the people she love will leave her. It is common for Maggies to have low self-esteem and be very insecure. She gets good grades, but doesn't think she's smart. She will apologize way too much even for the stupidest things.
Emily: I can't believe you're friends with Maggie, she's such a freak. She doesn't even like Justin Bieber, and do you see what she wears it's always some weird band shirt.

Abby: So? She's nice, and isn't a huge backstabber like a ton of other people.

Emily: I heard she cuts herself though.

Abby: Well no one's perfect. And do you know she cuts or are you just stereotyping her.

Emily: It'd hard not too she has purple hair and a pierced lip and eyebrow. Why are you defending her?!?

Abby: Because she's my friend.

Emily: Ugh! (Storms off)

Maggie: (Standing around the corner and hears everything) *Thinks* She actually cares.
by MyImmortal123 July 05, 2012
The most perfect girl to walk this planet. She usually has brownish hair, which always looks perfect. She has big, beautiful eyes that you want to stare in for hours. She has the best smile ever, but hates it. She is so perfect, every guy wants her, but she's saving herself for that special guy. Her favorite color is usually Carolina blue and she loves any food, especially dinosaur chicken nuggets.
Sebastian: "Oh my god I love Maggie."
Zack:"I know man, she's perfect."
Sebastian: "I hope she likes me."
Zack: "She told me she likes you, after I asked her out."
by theperfectgirlsadmiroreer December 15, 2012
A good friend. Blunt, odd, an absolute self-proclaimed bookworm, explodes violently in anger, but can also be kind...When they want to. They like to make people laugh. They are also slightly annoyed when they introduce them selves, and what do you know? That person's dog's name is Maggie. It's down grading to be compared to a dog, people.

They're unique, often artists, or musicians.

They laugh. A lot. They will also zone out if the person they're talking to bores them.

They tend to go against the sterotype.

Note: This description may not prove true for all Maggie's.
A:Why is that girl always laughing, or looking pissed off?
It's bipolar

B:She's a Maggie.

by Magtagdoll November 10, 2012

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