A whore, who smells like fish. Tries to steal everyone's boyfriend, has a million STDS, wears skanky clothes and thinks she's hot, often referred to as a walking STD (aka her identifier) tends to have an awkward smile and no one likes her.
Guy: Did you see that girl at the party last night?
Other Guy: Yeah dude she was a Maggie
Guy: More like a grenade but whatevs
by #hatesluts September 05, 2011
Top Definition
A girl who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. (CAUTION: if you are lucky enough to have her fall for you, she has a soft heart that is easily hurt. Be good to her.) She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. She can be beautiful inside and out. Her spirit draws you to her like a magnet. Once you know her, everyday is new. You can never be sure that you know everything about her.
Man, you are so lucky to have a girl like maggie.
by iamforgiven July 10, 2008
An amazing person. She can always make you smile and laugh, and is unpredictable. Boy-crazy, fun, one of the best friends you'll ever have. Has beutiful hair.
Guy:"Maggie is amazing!"
by jackass2525 August 17, 2008
Great girlfriend, Really hilarious and sweet, always there for you. Wild, obnoxious, Boy-crazy, Best friend, never gets old.
I Love my girlfriend Maggie, shes such an oddball.
by whatahottie April 06, 2009
1) n. Nickname for Margaret.

2) n. Commonly used dog's name. If your name is Maggie, chances are every person that ever meets you who happens to have a dog named Maggie (Which will be at least 25% of the people you meet in your life) will immediately reply with, "Oh. My dog's name is Maggie! How cute!" Because they think you A) Care and B) Also think this is "cute".
1) Newborn's mother: "I think I'll name her Margaret."
Friend: "You should call her Maggie for short."

2) Maggie: "Hi, I'm Maggie, nice to meet you."
Girl: "Oh! Your name is Maggie?! My dog's name is Maggie!"
Maggie: *in head: I don't give a fuck.* "That's nice. You should introduce me to her."
by Maggalaggadingdong August 27, 2006
ohhhhh my goodness maggie the best at being her self and the nicest girl with the greatest personality and it could be a world reacord how beautiful she is but shes a tough one to get trust me i know from experience but ill keep trying the thing is i can never tell if shes interested or not she has a really good poker face
i like you maggie
by cory krehbiel August 22, 2009
A girl who is hard to get. She doesnt trust or fall in love quite easily. Shes a strong independent girl who is always caring to others. Shes always laughing & smiling. She loves everyone & all she wants in return is someone to love her back. She can be confusing at times, but things can clear up fast & easy. Shes not your average girly girl. She is a girly tom-boy, & isnt afraid to play football with fake nails on. Shes isnt a complicated girl, & any guy would be lucky to be with her. Shes very understanding & gives great advice. She is always looking to have a great time, & can be the life of the party. Shes totally boy crazy, not in a bad way. She knows how to get down & dirty yet stick to her morals. Her inner beauty is great as well as her outer beauty along with her flowing hair. Everyday with her is a new adventure. With her, you may never know everything about her. She’s a mystery that youll always want more. Her personality is one of a kind. You must becareful because she has a soft heart, yet disguises it very well. When she’s down, you won’t be able to tell, but if you can, let her know that things will be okay, & she’ll brighten up. She’ll give you a hug everytime she sees you, & with each hug, you know what a great friend you have.
Maggie is simply the best.

I need to go to Maggie for help.

Party won't start till Maggie walks in.
by mistahjackonbicth March 25, 2011
the most amazing girl there is. she will make you laugh your head off. she is pretty, gorgeous, beautiful and hot. she is liked by everyonee and is very outgoing. she is a great friend and people would be lucky to have her in their life. you'll always have a great time with her. she can be a little selfish, bratty and full of herself but if you tell her what shes doing she'll stop. she is the nicest person oout there. has amazing eyes, hair, and is good in bed. :)
"Oh my goshh, i love Maggie."
by Maggieee Beaaarr January 02, 2010
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