A Mafu is generally term used for describing someone who is severly lacking in the common sence department, and someone who actualy surprises even the stupidest of people with how little that person knows about even the most mundane and well known things in life. For example a particualar mafu once tried to offend someone by saying "ha ha you sit down when you piss and it comes out your ass, just like a woman"
Insults also include : "chobster", "testical face"

another spectacular example of a mafu is someone who once gamed for 3 hours straight on a cebeebees website
by you guys are so f*ing annoying December 03, 2010
Top Definition
Puerto rican word wich means MARIHUANA.
Where's the MAFU I want to take a bong hit.
by RastaRican September 04, 2003
most G understat player on ipgn
melbourne's finest
MAFU just clutched a 1v5
by roeyGnorsss December 30, 2009
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