group of people,gangs
gangs like the mexican mafia,La be la mafia
by gangbang bate July 20, 2003
For all you mother fuckers I AM the Mafia.
Get off my rise.

Lo Castro for life.
Hi, I'm a Lo Castro and I AM the Mafia.
by Lo Castro December 28, 2004
da realet andz illizt killaz, all who basikly run da police and der's bout 9 leaders, who tel der "employees" (fellow mofia members) to kill n e gang dat hav beef wit dem or dey gotz beef wit dogg !
(just play grand theft auto 3 and dey gotz all dat crap)
dude, im a mafia playa
by JiMmY hOfFa January 22, 2004
Bitch ass sicilian suckers.
Black man: "Yo, they be some bich ass suckers, them mafia"
Black man 2: "Fo sho, we gonna ride on them bitches 20 crip style"
Mafia bitch: "Pleasea Imma just a dirty sicilian, I just want to make my pasta"
by Pooneriser April 12, 2005
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