theivery in numbers.
ey Pizano! Gimme da pizza pie or else I break-ah your legs ah
by rob March 13, 2004
a really really really fat blunt!
check this sh*t, damn that is a beautiful mafia.
by Samsonite2k3 November 11, 2003
Something that is glorified as some glamorous thing, when, in reality, it's really just a bunch of morons who feel that they're so special that, rather than to go school and get an education and a real job, they choose to live an illegal lifestyle that involves murdering people, scamming people, and getting shot in pizza restaurants. The Mafia is basically Italian Bloods/Crips with suits, outdated hair and lots of jewelry.
The Mafia is really overrated.
by Diane November 03, 2004
it stands for "mother and fathers (of the) italian association

the biggest association in the mob which a lot of people think is cool because they have no one else to idolize even though the mobsters commit horrible crimes.

It now can be used as a synonym for the mob, because you don't even have to be italian to say you're part of a mafia.
I am in the mafia...don't cross me or you'll wake up in your bed in a huge puddle of blood and a horses head that was chopped off.
An arrogant attitude adopted by loud mouth Italians. Someone who annoys other people by speaking in threats while using hand gestures.
Yo Gina, knock it off already, it's late and I'm trying to get some sleep! Mingia!!
by Cholo November 27, 2003
vice lords, a chicago/midwestern/southern street gang
im's mafia, mafia....yuh...yuh
by koop da kid April 24, 2006
A lame ass video game.
I quit playing mafia after 1 mission cuz that game sucked ass.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004

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