a word used by bad spellers in place of the word mine
dat computah is maen, not yos.

Wha happen ta tha men in that wheilchare, did he steap on a maen?
by joe November 05, 2004
Top Definition
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. Global Internet greeting independent of the color of the day.
Hello and good maen to all!
#morning #afternoon #evening #night #greeting
by LlamaLlamaDuck July 17, 2006
a replacement for man, to be used in the comical sense
yer maen, that was cool.
by rob March 19, 2003
Term used by a very popular character name Tony Montana aka Scarface throughout the movie, most spanish people say it, also u and more letters at the end for more of an accent
by A 2 the D 2 the o.n.i.s. March 20, 2003
Mexican slang commonly used in the dealing of drugs scene.
You got drugs maen?

jeh maen.

nice maen.

amen maen.
#mexican #maen #drugs #jeh #sleepy
by Maclah April 13, 2006
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