Absolut Ownage.
Damn, The Maelstrom's 1339.
by Batman November 11, 2003
Top Definition
a whirlpool of chaos
an extremely chaotic situation
My life is a maelstrom of temporal dreams and passing whimsy.

Get me out of this maelstrom.
by jkl; October 23, 2005
Polish closet-homo virgin, never leaves his mom's apartment, posts on www.panterachat.com and plays online games way too much. Likes 'em young, covered in cum and Japanese (but doesn't get any in real life)
maelstrom is a fag!
by Bren666 July 10, 2008
The most kick ass band in the world!
I am the Maelstrom drummer's groupie! I push his pedal for him. I'll push your pedal anyday, Adam ;)
by Tapeworm April 09, 2004
The most awesome Ragnarok Online guild on chaos server, with the sweetest members in the world.
OMG I was beaten by Maelstrom!!
by Me July 30, 2004
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