Maegan is a hot or sexy girl with brown hair and is very fun to be around. Shes loves to laugh and loves to be active. Generally loves animals and sports. Shes a girly sportish airhead. She thinks shes very smart, but by the way she acts she clearly is not.
Dammm that girls a total Maegan, shes so fine!!
by uumm February 05, 2009
Top Definition
An awsome and perfect girl tht thinks badly of herself and wat she thinks of herself is the exact oposite of wat she realy is
tht girl is so maegan like damn yo
by valentino m. July 25, 2008
Maegan is a person that your live will change with a positive effect. The impact she has on your life will make you question if heaven is worth going to if you already have it beside you constantly. Her heart is big, with no hatred at all inside of it only 100% love. She is lovable and a role model for all to be ideally perfect. Her looks will make you believe that God has sent an angel to you.
I wish she was more like a Maegan!
by Saket Tiwari April 05, 2009
Commonly used to describe a girl that excels at everything she attempts. Known for great humility, diligence, perseverance, and strength. Excessively gorgeous, but would never say so herself. A girl that any guy on earth would be lucky to know or be with.
Maegan is incredibly awesome. She is my booger.
by Boo-Pancake April 14, 2009
a girl with exotic, porn-star like hair, similar to a mermaid
Dude, look at her hair today. It's totally maegan!
by dollface411 January 24, 2007
Pretty,beautiful girl with brown hair, is usally attracted to guys with dark hair and deep brown eyes. And hates guys whos names start with a p. And defanitly a girl that is in love!!!
Maegan is a girl who cares about people
by Man Lady January 10, 2009
a very sexy young female. with brown hair and hazel eyes. she care a lot about her friends and family, and is a straight A student. she tends to have a lot of crushes on guys at once. every guy wants her,but she is very picky with her guys. she has an amazing body and tan. she is perfect.
i wish i could be more like maegan.

maegan is so perfect.
by ~~~~8) -> O October 28, 2009
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