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The most amazing artist in the history of forever. Got through a lot of problems such as her mother dying when she was 5, and moving to New York with barely any money. Hit it big in 1983, and really became noticed in 1985 with her monster hit "like a virgin" She is the greatest singer and dancer and there are no words to describe her. She is simply the greatest person to ever walk this earth, and music today wouldn't be like this without her.
Fan 1: Guess what?
Fan 2: what?
Fan 1: I'm going to the Madonna concert
Fan 1: Oh my god...are you kidding me?
Fan 1 : No...I'm going
Fan 2: Oh man...she's amazing...You are sooo lucky
by bamjen April 10, 2006
A Shirley Temple without the cherry.
A guy walks into a bar, and asks for a Shirley Temple with extra cherries on top. A guy sitting nearby says to the bartender "you should give him a madonna". The bartender inquires what this is, and the guy replies "Shirley Temple without the cherry"....cmon even if it is preverted u know it made you laugh
by Maxxxxxx August 25, 2005
This meens Mcdonalds in wetbackenese
Has "served" over one-million people
(Wetback) Welcome to Madonnas
(customer)which part?
by Jorge Lazala November 08, 2005