A good singer who just doesn't know when to retire.
The past Superbowl was probably the last major career performance for Madonna, as she will not be having any moe soon.
by hitdatradiohead August 29, 2012
squishy perky little things that spring up on the chests of overweight men. a.k.a. man boobs
that guy has the biggest madonnas ive ever seen in my life. he must have eaten too many burritos.
by Fiendish August 04, 2005
1. the Italian name for the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus

2. a pop entertainer who has some decent songs and does stupid image things to start controversies and sell albums and other items like her book "Sex". Some of her videos have offended many people and some of them have even been banned by MTV, VH1 and other video networks and programs. They have featured things like sex with a dead man, burning crosses, S & M scenes, violence, her in a VERY tight sweater (Vogue)and more. She has posed for smut mags and porno flicks. Her current tour features a skit where she acts as a dominitrix and sings while strapped to a cross, mocking Jesus. The shitty teen pop phenomenon (Britney, Xtina, etc.) is entirely inspired by Madonna, so she has a lot to answer for.
1. I saw a Madonna and child painting at the art museum today.

2. While on tour in Italy Madonna invited the pope to see her show in Rome. Needless to say, he didn't go. He, the local Jewish community and the local Muslim community asked her not to reenact the mock crucifixion scene in her Rome show. She did it anyway.
by Starpunk October 01, 2006
An exticnt fossil that is believed to exist. She is the stuff of nightmares. She wears short skiiny clothing with 3 tonnes of makeup. She has the head of a 69 year old and a body of a 69 year old.
1:GUTTA: I believe madonna just tried to adopt my kids

2: Madonna has a lose cunt
by buffed lova July 12, 2009
Old female singer whose time in the limelight should have burned out long time ago.
I wish Madonna would just drop out of sight.
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
empty stolen style pop plastic's queen
On her albums Madonna's songs and her voice are cloudy .
Her albums really has not a true difference they both

Madonna should grow up and she is an insane person by the popularity when she gets the initiative to say in everywhere " hey I'm the queen of the Bible ! " and to do a crucifixion absolutely the pretension to win the attention for none relation for art . Madonna bases her career in scandals , bad examples and exploits women’s immage in scarcity of original ideas , creativity and effort , her new album follows with this custom for her doesn’t matter all this when she wins 1 or 2 dollars more

Madonna believe that the art isn`t an important part in our culture .
When I hear a Madona's song I think the same country who acquits the furtive publications on the media is the same who does a mediocre singer a notable one and the same who buys the madona's discs .

She thinks art is to the commerce but commerce isn't to the art .

She nor with the furtive support of musical media tv her albumes has reciprocity sales , it shows a more big rejection for the albumes by people lately more . Definetively everytime on her acts she shows her interest for the commerce and the exploit and not by a true inspiration . Madonna does insane scandals , saying that she is having a plot in opposition , animating the public to get an undemocratic and erroneous attitude ,and offending people of some media who does a just job . I guess it turns in an insane obsession of some persons about Madonna . It happens when a person bases a career in stereotypes and never get an artistic overcoming .

Madonna isn’t the origin of the fashion she isn’t who deserves a recognition by ideas .

Madonna is a bad representation of the pop music , there are other singers with more capacity , included great artists in who Madonna takes the inspiration , her albums are an inspiration from another people’s previous albumes . Those another people with the origin of ideas doesn’t deserves to be in contempt
by Realgirl May 14, 2007
80's pop star known for sexual experimentation and synonomous with controversey. Although she is aging, she still finds ways to move guys, such as making out with Britney Spears on television.
I just bought a Madonna CD
by Mr_ Twirly June 04, 2005
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