1. the Italian name for the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus

2. a pop entertainer who has some decent songs and does stupid image things to start controversies and sell albums and other items like her book "Sex". Some of her videos have offended many people and some of them have even been banned by MTV, VH1 and other video networks and programs. They have featured things like sex with a dead man, burning crosses, S & M scenes, violence, her in a VERY tight sweater (Vogue)and more. She has posed for smut mags and porno flicks. Her current tour features a skit where she acts as a dominitrix and sings while strapped to a cross, mocking Jesus. The shitty teen pop phenomenon (Britney, Xtina, etc.) is entirely inspired by Madonna, so she has a lot to answer for.
1. I saw a Madonna and child painting at the art museum today.

2. While on tour in Italy Madonna invited the pope to see her show in Rome. Needless to say, he didn't go. He, the local Jewish community and the local Muslim community asked her not to reenact the mock crucifixion scene in her Rome show. She did it anyway.
by Starpunk October 03, 2006
Madonna= Pure Brilliance!. Madonna is a Pop musical artist who expresses her self greatly with her music and other talents such as dancing and acting. she has many hit songs such as: Everybody, Holiday, like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Ray Of Light, Frozen, Music, What it feels like for a Girl, American Life, Hollywood, Die Another Day. and many more.

> by:Madonnas #1 Fan!!!
"Wow did you hear that new Madonna song?? Man she is amazing!"
by Brandon H September 25, 2005
a.Over 40 year-old women still acting like teenagers and wearing bras that overly "push-up".

b.Americans faking inconvincing British accents.
"Damn, don't get all Madonna on me, mom!"
by Chi Bai April 25, 2006
An American celebrity who is amazing at live concerts, good with writting music, OK at singing, and down-right terrible in films. Has a reputation for being an undesirable individual but that adds to her commercial success. Everyone has an opinion of her, good or bad. Will probably be the first woman over 60 to have a number 1 album. Undeniably good at what she does. Her fans are mainly gay men and divorced women and remain loyal despite having to down-size their homes to be able to afford over-priced concerts and badly edited music DVD's (either official DVD's or illegal as four main concert tours still have not been officially released). Despite confusing messages and her own admission she can be a bitch, she ultimatly appears to be a force for good.
Person 1: I saw Madonna in concert. It was amazing!
Person 2: I heard her new record and it was pretty good.
Person 1: Yeah she sung live and her voice was shit but I'd rather that than hear some dumb bimbo mimb
Person 2: Yeah she is cool, but I wouldnt like to meet her, I've heard she can be vile
Person 1: Yeah and never watch a film of hers, unless you're able to afford a new TV after you burn yours to erase the sheer shite it projected into your sitting room
by Welshman1 July 16, 2012
Britains only immigrant we actually managed to get rid of.
"Who's that girl?" "That's no girl, that's Madonna"
by Posh Birds Do It Best October 10, 2009
A woman who is something of a paradox.

She has achieved the status of being one of the most successful female singers of all time, despite not having a particularly good voice and only being of average attractiveness.

Her success could be ascribed to 'strength of character', but, also paradoxically, she is an incredibly shallow, vacuous person, known for changing her 'personality' and image every few years in order to lengthen her career.

Her latest fad is to take children from Africa to use as fashion accessories. She is currently affecting a peculiar accent in a pretentious attempt to apparently try to sound 'english'. Has a reputation for being rude, ungracious and self-obsessed.

Has dabbled in acting at which she has proved to be a notable failure and a laughing stock, as she doesn't have any depth within her own character to draw on when creating roles.
When the Madonna (Ritchie) family visited Madame Tussaud's Museum, Madonna's husband had a conversation with her wax model for 10 minutes before realising his wife had moved on to another exhibit.
by Witch of the West October 07, 2007
A peircing in one side of an upper lip. This peircing is almost exclusively seen on younger females, and most often contains a stud, rather than a ring. Named after the famous pop musician, who has a natural beauty spot in the same place.

Unfortunately, this particular peircing is associated with the lower classes, and with people of poor taste.
That girl should never have worn a yellow cubic zirconia in her madonna - now it looks even more like a zit!

People who are brave enough are known to approach a girl with a madonna, and casually tell her that she has "someting on her lip... just there..."
by Mark Blue September 17, 2007

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