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Madonna= Pure Brilliance!. Madonna is a Pop musical artist who expresses her self greatly with her music and other talents such as dancing and acting. she has many hit songs such as: Everybody, Holiday, like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Ray Of Light, Frozen, Music, What it feels like for a Girl, American Life, Hollywood, Die Another Day. and many more.

> by:Madonnas #1 Fan!!!
"Wow did you hear that new Madonna song?? Man she is amazing!"
by Brandon H September 25, 2005
614 611
squishy perky little things that spring up on the chests of overweight men. A.K.A man boobs
(named madonnas because of the cone shaped bras she used to wear)
would you take a look at those huge madonnas, that guy must weigh 250.
by Fiendish August 10, 2005
15 12
Arguably the skankiest piece of no talent trash to ever walk the face of the earth.
I am disgustingly ugly but I am gonna become famous like Madonna for bieng a complete skank and by taking credit for song that someone else wrote and I recorded with the money provided by a rich smut peddeling uncle of mine.
by Wifukm Yung February 12, 2010
24 22
A good singer who just doesn't know when to retire.
The past Superbowl was probably the last major career performance for Madonna, as she will not be having any moe soon.
by hitdatradiohead August 29, 2012
4 4
Britains only immigrant we actually managed to get rid of.
"Who's that girl?" "That's no girl, that's Madonna"
by Posh Birds Do It Best October 10, 2009
19 19
A peircing in one side of an upper lip. This peircing is almost exclusively seen on younger females, and most often contains a stud, rather than a ring. Named after the famous pop musician, who has a natural beauty spot in the same place.

Unfortunately, this particular peircing is associated with the lower classes, and with people of poor taste.
That girl should never have worn a yellow cubic zirconia in her madonna - now it looks even more like a zit!

People who are brave enough are known to approach a girl with a madonna, and casually tell her that she has "someting on her lip... just there..."
by Mark Blue September 17, 2007
25 26
squishy perky little things that spring up on the chests of overweight men. a.k.a. man boobs
that guy has the biggest madonnas ive ever seen in my life. he must have eaten too many burritos.
by Fiendish August 04, 2005
6 9