1. the Italian name for the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus

2. a pop entertainer who has some decent songs and does stupid image things to start controversies and sell albums and other items like her book "Sex". Some of her videos have offended many people and some of them have even been banned by MTV, VH1 and other video networks and programs. They have featured things like sex with a dead man, burning crosses, S & M scenes, violence, her in a VERY tight sweater (Vogue)and more. She has posed for smut mags and porno flicks. Her current tour features a skit where she acts as a dominitrix and sings while strapped to a cross, mocking Jesus. The shitty teen pop phenomenon (Britney, Xtina, etc.) is entirely inspired by Madonna, so she has a lot to answer for.
1. I saw a Madonna and child painting at the art museum today.

2. While on tour in Italy Madonna invited the pope to see her show in Rome. Needless to say, he didn't go. He, the local Jewish community and the local Muslim community asked her not to reenact the mock crucifixion scene in her Rome show. She did it anyway.
by Starpunk September 28, 2006
A pop singer who isn't the best singer, a musician who can't play an instrument, a self proclaimed Jew who isn't really Jewish and who sports an obviously fake English accent. Yet manages to snag the title of the most famous woman in the world. If this is true, it's probably for the sensless acts of stupidity she's commited over the years and the brainless Euro-wannabe sheep who blindly follow her like a cult leader who somehow think she at 50-something is still cool, pulling such moronic stunts just for publicity's sake.
Rodolfo: Wow, Madonna has a new album (in european spain accent)

Kenny: Dude she's old, can't sing, can't play an instrument, thinks she's Jewish, now has accent and she could go F**k herself.
by anonymous8000 February 03, 2008
a pop icon who sings and dances her life away
madonna dances and sings in her music video "hung up."
by blurXIII December 26, 2005
An American Pop singer who emerged as a disco artist in the early 80's. Her first major hit was "Like A Virgin", and after performing a now legendary performance at the VMA's in 1984, caused her second studio album and single "Like A Virgin" to go platinum and sell over 2,000,000 copies in both LP, cassete and CD. Her punk-pop princess fashion including black apparel such as bustier tops, bangles, black rubber bracelets and mesh tops appealed to many young girls and started a wave of cultural phenomenon known as "Madonna-wanna's". She also caused commotion with her "Material Girl" video, which now a cult hit, is almost an exact recreation of Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are A Girl's best Friend" musical number, it also became popular among young children even today. it was in 1985 that the first single from her "True Blue" album, "Live To Tell" came out, and when her "True Blue" album was released, audiences everywhere were shocked and surprised to see a fresher more sophisticated Madonna, Donning a more classic look, she had cropped bleach blonde hair and wore a more elegant style of clothing. she is friggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
"OMG she looks soooo different, she must have gone madonna!"
by madonna_80spsychohoe January 21, 2009
A musician who is declared to be the most famous and influential female artist in the music industry. She was ranked #2 (behind the beatles) on Billboard magazine's "Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists" in 2008. Has an average voice (but not that bad still), can play the guitar (see a live performance on youtube to prove it), looks good compared to other people at her age, done lots of stupid things (constantly changing image to lenghten her career, S&M, and loads more), yet had put some respectable albums with decent songs (Ray of Light, Music, American Life). Loved by some, and hated by some too. Her success could be described in her strength of character and style rather than being the best out there.
I think Madonna is an ok artist. I don't think she is the best artist out there, there is clearly some artists who are better than her, but I don't think she's the worst or that bad either
by 57823 June 10, 2010
Madonna, a famous musician with a long spanning career, probably one of the most Overrated performers of our time, constantly sticking to new trends in music in a desperate attempt to keep in the public eye, also tried acting, with a critical response to her acting ability (see shit).
constantly attempts to dress like a teeny-bopper, often making people watching a Madonna video feel either uncomfortable, or just plain sick.
most likely thinks people still find her attractive.
Also pretends to be English.
That new video with Madonna, where she's dressed like 15 year old Jailbait made me wish I could burn my eyes out, hence why I am in hospital
by 1nf3kt3d! July 29, 2008
(adj.) A person who refuses to use their last name in signature file, voicemail, email address or website. In doing so, claims 1st name status like the singer Madonna, and also suffers from Madonna-ish complex that he/she is so important, they do not need to use a last name because everyone should just know who they are; Creates confusion and frustration in corporate environments.
Used in venting frustration, such as:

Why does this guy Aaron keep leaving me voicemails & sending emails with no signature file, like I am supposed to know who he is?? Ugh he is such a Madonna!
by touchdownkatie June 10, 2008

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