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incredibly gay fat red faced jew
does not pay for anything and thinks he is way cooler then he is
he also has a striking resemblance to the popular tire saleseman for the company michellin tires
that gay kid over their is such a madnick.
by ayenonemuss July 22, 2007
An, apparently, insane artist or intellectual. They would be labeled 'eccentric' or 'mad' by most. They tend to spend a lot of time alone and think a lot.
That one neighbour that never leaves home and eevryone thinks is a vampire, is probably a madnick...or a vampire;
'Pinky and the Brain' - Brain is a madnick;
Evil Genius 2 (PC) gave us the opportunity to play a madnick; and basically, most of everybody who ntries to take over the world
by Same guy who defined madondo September 09, 2010
A rebel of a professor who likes to rant about the system and political corruption in an entertaining way. Instead of teaching a class, a Madnick is more likely to show a documentary on an issue, but has hard homework. Is a big fan of Noam Chomsky.
Student 1: Dude, my new history professor is awesome, he just paces around the room ranting about neocons the entire time so there isn't any classwork.

Student 2: Sounds like you got the Madnick of the school, you lucky bastard. Just make sure you don't lag behind on the homeworks.
by oblaf March 07, 2010