a dopey, retarded donkey who can never get anything right and makes the dumbest mistakes imaginable
human: "don't close this"
madhu: "duuh"
human: "don't close this"
madhu: "duuuuh"
human: "don't close this"
madhu: "duuuuuhhh" and closes it, then says "dhorry, forsh of aabit"! with donkey retarded look on face
by donkey buster July 19, 2012
Top Definition
madhu is the honey which is extracted
from the honey bees hive.Especially used to discribe ladies sweet lips.
boy ! her lips tastes just like madhu
by Madhusudhan June 08, 2005
A very smart, intelligent Sexy Girl, who has made my life beautiful, and worth living. Luv ya babe.
You are gorgeous, and smart
by Pratik November 03, 2004
a person that at first seems to have contradictions within him/herself
Did you see that madhu? He was, like, totally a midget but he had the lowest voice ever!
by madhu-the-creeper-pinkie July 04, 2009
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