eso es madera vato
by arielrock June 27, 2012
Top Definition
little town in the middle of california. people say it is hotter than hell and hella cold. but this is my kind of town. not much to do, but the people are cool and easy going
madera is the shit
by ralph09 July 17, 2008
Small town in Central California, also called The Heart of Cali or Madtown.
I live in the Heart of Cali, Madera.
by Coyote23 June 20, 2011
a small town in central california thats used for conducting studies on teen fertility and the burning question... what happens when the mexican majority get drivers licenses, cases of beer, boxing lessons, and a catholic upbringing.

If you ever drive through madera it's recomended that you keep that you have a mouthful of cyanide capsules, so if your car breaks down you can save yourself the trouble of dealing with anything maderan by chomping down.
whenever i pass by a sewage treatment plant i think of madera.
by N. Weis September 30, 2007
In Spanish slang, the police
Estábamos de botellón y vino la madera a cortarnos el rollo

We were binge-drinking and the fuzz turned up to fuck it all
by fonsucu February 03, 2009

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