Smart girls who know what they want and are not afraid to kick some ass to get it.
Madeira girls know how to spell the word "Slutty"
by Pandarwin November 09, 2004
Top Definition
Girls who go places in life and can get whatever they want with just a simple smile. girls who get men with smarts and humor not by being slutty and easy. madeira girls are the only females who are candidates for presidency.
"man those madeira girls are the bomb, they can run my country any time"
by BJ December 28, 2004
A school for girls that is half boarding and half day. Yeah, some girls are preppy, stuck up bitches, but that is true for all of the all girls school. Madeira girls have a passion for beating foxcroft girls in everything, but at this point its getting to easy seeing as Foxcroft is full of Madeira rejects. Madeira girls (also known as Mad Girls) have a passion for Woodberry guys and Blueridge boys. Though most people associate them with Prep, Madeira girls tend to dislike that school and its boys.
Woodberry Boy: Did you hear that Madeira beat Foxcroft at soccer agian? It was like 10-0.
Woodberry Guy 2: You say it like your surprised.... those hotties never lose to the foxcroft girls...
by Hp07 November 24, 2004
A school full of girls that drive BMW's, wear Lacoste polos, and end up going to Harvard.
Landon Girl: I wish I went to Madeira.
Langley Girl: My exboyfriend cheated on me with a Madeira girl.
by Samantha August 18, 2004
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