A popular video game about professional football. For reasons beyond me, you can't consider yourself a girl if you like this, because your man would rather get his hands on this instead of you. Likewise, you can't consider yourself a man if you don't like it at least a little. Madden is basically a $50 penis.
Bob would rather play with his Madden video game than his girlfriends vajayjay.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
A Football video game series where, in recent titles, it is way too easy to throw an interception. Only reason why I still play QB Club 99.
Man, I was playing Madden ’03 and I was throwing to Marvin Harrison and all of a sudden Troy Polamalu pops up out of nowhere, catches the ball, and returns it for a defensive touchdown…wtf, Troy Polamalu wasn’t even playing in ’03! This game’s fucked.
by Steagles June 06, 2006
biggest cunt around.loves getting dirty chicks on the webby (too cool for skype) cause they want his dick bad and tag him in all their slutyy photos. loves to get punched by some cool kid. he's a little bitch though. loves a beverage too.
Madden: "Hi, i'm madden i love big black dick in and around my mouth"

Everyone: "madden is such a vagina"

Some hoe:"oh bbby i jst tagged yu in mah photozzzz cuz imma sexii bitch i want yur dick in me xxoxox"
Madden:"get on the webby slut"
by MADDENISAVAGINA January 18, 2011
A term used for the word weed when a lot of people are around you. Started by kurt, Shay, and Amber.
I'm about to go play madden
by Shawanda P. March 17, 2006
1. adj: sloppy, untidy
2. adj: extremely gluttonous or crapulent, as in the nearly constant consumption of barbecued ribs, pizza, fried chicken, gravy, or mayonaise
3. n: a sloppy or gluttonous person
"Shit, I'm getting all madden with these submarine sandwiches"
by ekooooo October 14, 2005
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