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A word commonly used in the PC video games Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2. The word is excursively used in a negative way; and meant to incite rage within those it is directed towards.

It brings into question a persons abilities in video games, and life in general. It may be substituted with any of following:

mad cuz bad? mad cuz bad, bro? u mad cuz bad, bro? u mad cuz bad? y u mad, bro? mad cuz im stylin' on ya, bro? madcuzbad, bro? u mad cuz u bad? u mad cuz u bad, bro?

While any of those version are acceptable, the primary usage is one word: madcuzbad?
Man, you really suck. madcuzbad?
by ShootyMcBangBang February 07, 2011
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