Mad Niggerish is having too much damn game in your arsenal. Master Pimpin!

The short is "MN"
Hogleg is Mad Niggerish when it comes to the ladies.
by HogLeg April 29, 2004
A black drill sergeant addressing his soldiers.
Let me be pacific which you mens!
by forrest April 05, 2004
if some thing is beyond "bam", then it is mad niggerish
man those rims is maaaaad niggerish ya smell me?
by 2M DUB March 20, 2004
To be in a state of raw anger and rage that drives one into releasing it blindly on people and objects without the slightest sign of self-control.
Jack: "Dave just lost his girl, look at the riot he's started at the bar!"
Tommo: "God damn! That dude's mad-niggerish man!"
by Nick Bertke September 19, 2006

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