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A Complete Nutter! Who Generally Doesnt Give A Fuck!
Matty: I Jumped Off A Bridge ToDay And Broke My foot

Jonny: Ya Mad Head
by Sam June 18, 2006
a lot of people in one place at a time.
wow, theres MAD HEADS at this party
by mod ass mitch + Sara aka jarell November 25, 2006
Someone who is stupid, daft, crazy, party animal or anything other than "normal".
That boy Dave is a right madhead, all he does is drink all day.

I'm not getting in the car with him, he drives like a right madhead.
by Ash ketchum pokemon trainer July 11, 2009
Alot of People. Put in the place for a bunch of people
"Ayo bohl.. they got mad heads wit em."
Holy shit mad heads at that banger(party).
by Tha Bohl Bill November 20, 2007
a crazy person who does stupid stunts.
hey, you madhead, don't light your head on fire or he's a right madhead
by punkbunny August 02, 2005
Someone who loves to do dishes, or just clean your house in general.
A real go getter, can't pass up a dirty dish anywhere.
Damn I got a lot of dirty dishes, guess I'll get some Madhead...
by Harlots March 27, 2009