The common name for a rabid female creature that lives in the hills of Orinda, Ca and drives a small, blue Honda. This creature preys on the lives and feelings of high school aged public speakers, which she enjoys covered in fermented salad dressing and stinking shrimp. She is extremely dangerous and may be identified by the overuse of the words \"accurate\" (pronounced akrit) and \"enunciate,\" the misuse of the phrase \"in other words,\" or by the repetitive scratching of a large mole on the back of her neck. Methods of attack include giving the evil eye, talking about her grandchildren or her 5 marriages, or petitioning the board of the NFL. Take caution as she has been known to wear sundresses that cause blindness unless eye protection is worn.

Also known as \"Ecrats the Ogre\" and \"the devil incarnate.\"
\"Somebody watch the window to see when Mad Dog is coming back!\"
-Anonymous student

\"The principal hates Mad Dog, but he can\'t do a damn thing because of her tenure!\"
-Vice Principal at OPI

\"Mad Dog\'s from your school? I know exactly who you\'re talking about! What a *****!\"
-Random Public Speaker from Florida (no joke)
by 5th Year Veteran April 26, 2005
A large Georgia native who parades around in socks, sandals, sleeveless T's, combat boots and an Atlanta Braves hat worn slightly over the brow. Although, coming across as a bit naive and hickish, this country loving redneck enjoys rapping and receiving hickies from underaged Jersey girls.
Did you hear that Maddog got a girl wearing just briefs and his Braves hat?
#maddog #hick #braves #boots #redneck
by Sidelined Punter June 17, 2008
a crazy irish fellow with a bad temper, with grey hair and looks a little older than he is, and is also a little slimy.
reverts to anger, verbal abuse, violence and cigars when drinking the guiness.
man in pub taking food off the table which had been prepared for there party, maddog decides to help him self uninvited, the guy confronts maddog, who then replies with a string of four letter words.
#slimer #gandalf #one ball #iq117 #ball room dancer
by L briggs September 24, 2006
When someone (usually a male, but in some cases a female) hits on the opposite sex. "Mad dogging" can be successful or lead to a good ol' slap in the face.
"Yo, what's Taylor up to tonight?"
"I heard he's mad doggin' some girl from the bar."
#wheeling #mad doggin #scoring #thirsty #fountain
by rachelpuke October 01, 2014
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