When a man cum in a womans mouth and she lets it dribble out. Thay look like a rabbid dog hence the term mad dod
Ernie shot a load in Sarah's mouth and she gagged. Wow I guess he mad dogged her
by T.Real August 30, 2008
Some girl so incredibly cool that her brother's girlfriend invites her on all of their dates.
Brother: Hey, I want to spend some time with you before you leave for New York for the school year. Let's go on a romantic date.

Girlfriend: I'm sorry, I can't! I have plans with Mad Dog. You're welcome to third wheel it if you want.

Brother: Are you kidding me?!
by CKEKJ September 07, 2009
To give someone a dirty, hotlie look.
That young woman was mad doggin me after I groped her posterior.
by gitcha glitch January 24, 2003
swishing a mouth full of cum around, showing your teeth, and saying "grr mad dog" while frothing white all over your face
Girl: Theres nothing i love more on a friday night than mad dog.
Boy: Oh gee.
by y3nna March 30, 2007
When a man goes down on a woman for some of the "clam chowder soup" ya know...."eatin some sweet n' sour sushi" and she is occupying chlamydia unbeknownst to the gentleman giving her the "lap dance" of her life with his tongue. a few weeks later, the man starts foaming at the mouth, shaking his head furiously spitting the foam in a manner such as....say a mad dog? to complete the procedure one must scream "MAD DOG" in the voice of peewee herman.
Annette gave me the mad dog!!!!

Dude...i didn't wanna say anything, but wipe your mouth man, shits comin out worse than the mad dog.
by Polish Avenger July 23, 2006
1. (noun) A person willing to perform oral sex on a woman during her period.
He is a horny mad dog.
by joedildo November 03, 2005
Mad Dog
n. Andrew C., you know, that crazy kid that lives around the corner.
Mr. Groo: "Sup Mad Dog, you're pretty fly, for a white guy!"
Mad Dog:"Tanks Mr. G, you da man...!"
by Phil McKrackin December 07, 2004

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